COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS - What to do if you have symptoms

If you have a high temperature and / or a new and continuous cough self isolate for

7 days. If you live with others, everyone in the household should self isolate with

you for 14 days even if they are well.

Do not attend the GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital. This will help to protect others

in the community while you are infectious. You do not need to contact NHS 111 or

your GP to tell them you’re staying at home.

From 08:00 on Monday 23rd March anyone who feels their symptoms are getting

worse despite self isolating and self care should call NHS24 on 111. Following

triage there you will either be advised to continue to isolate or you will be directed to

clinics run by Hospital doctors, GPs and Nurse practitioners that are being set up

locally to review your symptoms and arrange for you to be seen in a safe and

protected environment.

Please do not contact the practice regarding your worsening symptoms. Call

NHS24 on 111 - this is now national policy.

For all other non Coronavirus related medical problems - contact the practice as

normal, but please do not just turn up at the door.  You MUST call the practice

and we will arrange for a doctor to call you back.  This is for your own protection

as well as that of our staff.


As with any sort of virus, how bad and how long the symptoms last will depend

largely on the patient’s individual circumstances. Stay at home, cancel all non-urgent

travel. Work from home if possible. Reducing social contact and good hand washing

will significantly reduce your chances of contracting this virus and potentially

spreading it to the most vulnerable.

Even those with significant medical problems should expect to make a full recovery.

Your symptoms may last 7-28 days, so the length of the illness should not worry you

greatly so long as you do not become increasingly unwell during this time. Seek

medical advice if you do.

Take advice from your pharmacist if you need to self medicate - however you should

call rather than present to the shop. You should manage this as you would any cold

or flu except you must self isolate for 7-14 days if you have symptoms. You can

return to full responsibilities and duties when you are well.

Most cases reported in the UK have been relatively mild sometimes with no

symptoms at all, and over 98% of those infected make a full recovery. We will all feel

a little more anxious at this time but for the vast majority there is no need to be.

Finally, please help look after the most vulnerable - the elderly and those with

underlying medical problems such as asthma/COPD/Diabetes/Cancer and

neurological problems.  You can do this best by following the guidance and

wherever possible staying at home.

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