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Following the decision of Brimmond Medical Group to close at the end of September 2015 and a confidential tendering process it was agreed that Scotstown Medical Group would open a new practice, New Dyce Medical Practice, and would use the Dyce Health Centre premises for the care of patients who reside in the immediate Dyce area, and for those resident in/around Fintray, Newmachar, Kingseat and Whiterashes. The news caused anxiety and upset for affected patients for several months while details were worked out between NHS Grampian and Scotstown Medical Group as to how exactly this could be made to happen.  Now the practice is a reality, delivering services in an innovative way to meet the needs of some 10,000 patients and the challenges of the modern NHS.

These are changing times for medical practices and their patients, as we reshape the style of practice and the clinical team. We have been fortunate to attract a number of doctors and other clinical staff whom can all prescribe medication.

Appointments are made by telephone, with a new call stacking system so patients know where they are in the queue. The reception staff ask for a few more details to help us to ensure the Right CARE is delivered, in the Right PLACE with the Right PERSON.

A number of cases can be dealt with by phone, so it may be one of our clinical team call back. Home visiting will remain part of the service, but we do suggest that requests for a home visit is made early in the day, before 10.30 if possible – this allows the clinical team to plan the most appropriate, timely care for patients.

Our Clinical Team

Pharmacists – can deal with a range of prescription queries over the phone and can liaise with local pharmacies as required. They can review medications for all patients, particularly the elderly where confusion over medications can arise. They can also prescribe drugs and will become involved in the care of patients with asthma and chronic bronchitis in the weeks ahead.

Physicians Associates – are highly skilled in the assessment of the unwell patient and will work closely with the duty doctor of the day to help manage patients with new onset medical problems. The doctor, when appropriate, will prescribe medications for this group of patients.

Advanced Nurse Practitioners – we have three very experienced colleagues  who have worked in GP practices and out of hours care in the region for a number of years. They will assess patients by telephone, consultations in the surgery and at home, taking advice from the doctor as required. They can prescribe for a range of conditions, arrange review of patients and complement the work of the medical team.

Doctors – there are fewer of them nowadays and with increasing demands on the health service, they need support in delivering good family medicine.

To help us deliver and coordinate the new service we have,

Dr Susmitha Chirivella (F)

Some doctors are permanent staff, others offering long term locum work for the time being. We also have colleagues offering clinical support from Scotstown Medical Practice  – Drs Rajan Gupta, Ben Crockett and Jillian Stewart – with the new practice being led clinically by Dr Bobby Lamberton, and managed by  our Business Manager, Ian McNeil.

We know from discussions that the folks in Dyce and surrounding area are a warm, friendly community and sincerely hope doctors will be attracted to work in this new practice.

The Important Team

We are delighted and very fortunate to have recruited many reception staff and practice nursing staff from the original practice. They offer a “well-kent face” and will help cement the new service together as we move forward. They will help guide the patient and the clinical team as we work together for the benefit of New Dyce Medical Practice.

IT Systems

The practice uses the INPS Vision clinical system, coupled with Docman for scanned documents. Additional information is provided via SCI-store, SCI-Diabetes, and Sunquest ICE for test requests.

Contractual Requirements

New Dyce Medical Practice is completely new, delivering a new model of care. As a result, although we will endeavour to deliver the clinical demands of QOF and the various enhanced services, we have agreed 17c status to allow us to develop services as we see fit.

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