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eConsult Online Triage System

Our new eConsult system is designed to allow patients greater flexibility in contacting their GP practice, and to improve the ways in which clinicians in GP practices deal with patient issues. This new system allows patients to submit an eConsult to their GP practice 24/7, and you will get a reply either by email or telephone within 2 working days, but most likely on the day you submit the eConsult. After this initial contact, if you need to be seen in person or collect a prescription or sample kit, the clinician will facilitate this. By filling in the eConsult, you are answering some questions for the clinician before they have contacted you, which saves both patient and clinical time, allowing us to help you resolve your issue sooner. To use this service you need to be registered with us as a patient. 

You can use eConsult to get in contact with us about a clinical or an administrative issues (such as requesting a sick note). Please note that eConsult should not be used to order prescriptions, you can use vision online (see above information) or telephone 01224 849 555 for the dedicated prescription line.

This video demonstrates how eConsult works:

Please follow this link for some frequently asked questions relating to eConsult:

To use eConsult effectively, you should try to choose the condition closest to the one which you think you may be suffering from, the 'General advice' section should only be picked if you don't know what the problem is, or if you cannot find an appropriate condition on the list of choices. 

You can also upload photos for the clinician to view as part of their triage process. You can only upload photos when you have picked certain conditions e.g. skin conditions, breast problems, cold/flu and eye conditions. Please see the video below, which demonstrates how to upload photos to eConsult.

To submit an eConsult please click anywhere on the blue box below: 


Do It Online

Online Prescriptions

We recently introduced our secure online ordering service for repeat prescriptions via our clinical system providers, Vision.  This will deliver your request directly into our clinical system and having a user account for this will automatically allow you to take advantage of new services we intend adding to our website in due course, including the ability to book and cancel appointments.  In the meantime, to register for our online service, please follow the instructions below.

If you have already registered for the vision online prescription service, please click here

To register for this service please follow these instructions: 

1. Download and complete this online registration form below. 

2. Return it to the practice via post or email the completed form and photographic ID (e.g. a driver's licence) to

3. In about 7-10 working days please check your emails. You should have received an email inviting you to create an account with vision online. If you do not yet have an email then please wait for a few more days and check again, or look in your junk inbox, just in case.

Online Prescription Registration Form


Florence Blood Pressure Monitoring

What is Flo?

‘Florence’, or ‘Flo’ as it is referred to, combines the expertise of healthcare professionals with the convenience of the patients' own mobile phone. Florence sends text reminders to patients, prompting them to check their blood pressure. Once the patient has taken their blood pressure, they can text the readings to Florence. The program will collate all the information provided and can be accessed by the clinician at any stage of the process. Flo can also send patients advice to act on, or ask the patient health related questions and give health promotion messages. This is all done via the familiar ’SMS’ text messaging system and is completely free of charge to patients.

What are the benefits of using Flo to Monitor Blood Pressure?

  • Flo gives practitioners the opportunity to monitor patients’ blood pressure remotely, reducing the number of face-to-face appointments required to diagnose, titrate or monitor hypertension.
  • Flo gives patients the opportunity to have their blood pressure monitored by the practice without having to attend the surgery, reducing inconvenience and travel cost.
  • Flo can remove white-coat syndrome, optimising readings and clinical decision-making.
  • Flo allows patients to understand their own condition and make lifestyle changes/seek medical advice as required to allow them to maintain longer, healthier lives. In short it can motivate patients to self-manage.
  • Studies show long term hypertension monitoring with Flo encourages medication compliance and therefore reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack.

A nationally produced video to support the Florence programme can be viewed via the following link: Florence Patient Video

The British Heart foundation also provides a 'how to' video to Managing your Blood Pressure at home: Managing Your Blood Pressure At Home

We encourage patients to purchase a home Blood Pressure device for self management of their blood pressure monitoring. Recommendations for a suitable device can be found via the Blood Pressure UK Org website link below. It would be helpful if you decide to purchase a monitor, that you let the surgery know to enable recording of this in your medical notes. Suitable Blood Pressure Monitors

Please take some time to read all of the information on the PDFs below. These are also available in a paper format, please ask the clinician who is leading your Florence care for a copy. Once you have completed the Patient Opt In Form, please email to

Please note that we are only inviting a limited number of patients to use Florence at this time. Please do not fill in the opt in form unless you have been advised to by a clinician. We hope to expand the number of patients who are invited to use the Florence system in due course.

Patient Opt In Form

Florence Patient Leaflet

Text Messaging Information

Florence Privacy Notice

Using Florence To Monitor Your Blood Pressure Guide

Blood Pressure Shared Management Plan

Blood Pressure Shared Management Plan for CKD 3.5 and/or Diabetes

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